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tv   Governor Ronald Reagan Republican Fundraising Speech  CSPAN  October 25, 2015 4:00pm-4:56pm EDT

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add, in addition to the naval documents of the american revolution, they also which should be coming out with volume four, hopefully, soon. [laughter] >> may i also mentioned we also have the spanish-american war series now. >> that's modern stuff. [laughter] but they do have one on the barbary wars. >> yes. >> no further questions? thank you so much for being here today. we have a last round of applause here. [applause]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] >> 48 hours of programming on american history every weekend on c-span3. >> he eventually became richard nixon's chief rival for the republican residential nomination. finishing third in the family -- delegate count behind nelson rep -- nelson rockefeller and richard nixon, who went on to win the 1968 election.
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>> when i first learned the governor of california would be our speaker this evening, i was less than honest if i did not confessed that i harbored some small hope that i might be called a found -- called upon to perform this pleasant task. for it will come as no surprise that i say that my old friend and associate on station who is my kind of a man. [applause] it was impossible to work in the confines of radio stations of old without intimate knowledge of fellow workers. i admired old dutch etcher genius in using a western union from aport to broadcast
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baseball game being played in chicago. it apparently served you well last week. [laughter] add that the democrats have a habit of misdirecting pet -- misdirecting telegrams. two or three years ago when it increasing the debt ceiling was before the house of representatives i received a telegram from the democratic leadership insisting that i be on the house floor that day to vote for the debt ceiling.
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for one and ioted don't expect to right away. all of our distinguished guests learned something about california long before he thought of making that statement is home and becoming the chief executive. remember the dutch? when you put amy first on the air? do you remember the results thereof? [laughter] for the benefit of the younger generation, amy was nationally known and, yes, internationally known evangelist who combined saving souls with pleading for money. for amy, of course. [laughter] with particular emphasis on the latter. well, dutch for her the air, making a long story short, he put her on the air, pulled up a chair in the corner of the big he had tolduddenly
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her, previous to putting her on the air, the station had to join the network at 11:00. he suddenly realized amy was coming off the air about three minutes early. so, dutch took over the microphone, wiggling his finger at the engineer in the control room to get a platter on the turntable to fill the time until the network came up. the engineer reached over, jerk open the mayor's file, because he had no other alternative, reached in, pulled out a record, slapped it on the turntable and out on the air went to many the literature. [laughter] moocher -- mi nnie the moocher. [laughter] "have a book here entitled report to californians: the
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first eight months of the reagan administration." i liked what i read. about how the governor courageously faced up to the monumental mess that he from eight years of democratic mismanagement in california. i liked what i read about his efforts to economize and put california's fiscal house in order. i liked what i read about his creative society, which says the government does not have all the answers. which says there are solutions to the people's problems that lie with the people. people have been encouraged to solve their own problems and only when absolutely necessary should government intervene. [applause] i like what i read in this report to californians.
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through every page and all the ,ay back to the back cover which bears this inscription -- not printed at government expense. [applause] yes, how refreshing it is to read such a common sense, straightforward report. particularly for one like myself , who spends most of his time in that world of make leave and contradiction, washington, dc, aere we are inundated with steady barrage of propaganda from a power-hungry, hypocritical democratic administration. [applause] where, under the sick society lyndon baines johnson and those who do his bidding are spending
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money that we don't have four things we don't need, trying to be everything to everybody everywhere regardless of cost. this reminds me of one of my colleagues, who said that while in his district earlier this watched the highway beautifier is running up and down the road, planting petunias, perry winkles, and pussy willows on borrowed money. reminded of the washington bureaucrat who, when questioned about wider had been no economy in his department replied that there hadn't been enough money appropriated. [applause] lbj andews for democratic party leaders everywhere. in everican people
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increasing numbers, republicans, independents, and right-thinking democrats have had their fill of the sick society. [applause] and they have had their fill of the wheeler dealers who insist on playing politics with the nations affairs. we have dedicated public leaders like our distinguished guests showing the way. i say to you that total victory can be hours in 1968. [applause] let each of us here result not to permit that opportunity to slip away. ladies and gentlemen, forgive me
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if you will when i forgo the use of the many superlatives that could appropriately be recited in introducing our distinguished guest. after all, the governor really known -- needs no introduction to islands. he like to think of him as one of us. so, in presenting our speaker of the evening, a dedicated and a courageous, outstanding american, let me say only to ronald wilson what reagan -- ronald wilson reagan that we are proud of you and welcome home, dutch. [applause]
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governor reagan: thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, i thank you very much. congressman gross, i thank you. there was such a contrast between these nice, undeserved , what yout you said said tonight, i cut you off the air too soon. [laughter] but i do appreciate it. you used to keep me on my toes and a little bit awake back there at the studio. he makes it possible for me to sleep easier, as i'm sure it does all of you, knowing that he is in washington.
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[applause] members of the state administration, reverend clergy, officials of your good republican party, all of you i wonderd gentlemen, if you can know how warm a wave of nostalgia has engulfed me in this particular moment. without hesitation i could forget the remarks that were plan for the occasion that brought me here and just start reminiscing, beginning with long, blue shadows settling over the field. you know, you have all been so wonderful. day typical, i remember one coming out of the studio after doing one of those wire report all games a woman came up to me and said -- my children just turn on the set to listen to everything that you say.
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i don't know how they stand it, but they do. [laughter] i thanked her. i thank you for being here this evening. turning out in the numbers that you have, i know something of what it cost you to be here. the only thing i can say by way of comfort is -- if we don't win , this would be the regular price for dinner. [applause] and a most thrilling thing is to see all the young people sitting up there in the balcony. i did not know there were so many -- [applause] i didn't know that there were so many of you that paid tuition. [laughter]
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but here we are, the republican party love and --in. [laughter] you have all been so kind, remembering all the things to make me feel good. which makes me really feel good does there is one thing you could have remembered, and i'm glad you forgot. you havers later and forgotten that when i was here before, i was a democrat. [laughter] democrats, they had a fundraising dinner in washington last week. $1000 per press reported that the president mingled. he wasn't mingling. he was counting. [laughter] i have never been able to understand how they can run a dinner at a profit and the country at such a loss. [laughter] the democrats deny that they used pressure in getting people to buy their plates. they didn't, they just told them that it was a new kind of payroll savings. buy a ticket, save your place on
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the payroll. [applause] there would be one way to make sure that crime doesn't pay. let government run it. [laughter] i remember way back in 1964, when they said all of that about lbj. now we know what they meant. [applause] he has his troubles. there's bobby kennedy. abouthas him so nervous the upcoming convention that he is thinking about putting the country in his wife's name. [laughter] but bobby was just trying to be helpful. he said -- johnson humphrey ticket, but he did not say where two.
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help aime he offers to voice from the white house says -- please, bobby, we would rather lose it ourselves. he's one of those rare people that can say exactly the right thing at the right time to the wrong person. if it seems that i'm picking unduly on the opposition, please note, that i'm picking on the leadership of the democratic party. because i'm sure that there are millions of fine, patriotic members of that party who are deeply disturbed with what has taken place in the nation's capital as removed moved from 1960 and the new frontier to the great society. they know that the great society is not the wave of the future. it's the end of an era. a dismal rehash of the methods, language, and philosophy of the past. the dark depression days of the 30's. civilian bureaus have multiplied like wire coat hangers in a closet.
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federal employees have increased 2.5 times the population in the last eight years. the payroll has gone up 7.5 times as much. government spending has gone up 8.5 times as much. the federal government spends $425 million per year on public relations to tell us how well they are treating us and how prosperous we are. never have so few spent so much, telling us so little. [applause] it costs us $8 billion per year to paper push 15 million copies of 360,000 separate and different great society forms that have to be filled out. it takes a staff of 250,000 just a file them. it is easy to understand the case that took place over in joliet, illinois. fact, it's still going on. usitizen there who came to
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of another country, feeling patriotic when he died, leaving his fortune of 170 thousand dollars to the federal government with the express use that it be put to paying off the government debts. the probate court diligently and written nearly granted illinois state government $27,000 in inherent its tax. is federal government fighting the case. [laughter] you haven't heard the real reason. the basis is that their claim, i tell you no lie, the federal government is a charitable institution. [laughter] let me tell you, they got a good case. [laughter] 42 million americans are now receiving regular checks from the federal government, either directly or from the states under aid programs financed largely by federal funds. with something more than 70 million of us in the workforce, easy to see that fewer than two
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of us are risk on civil for each one of those checks. in 1964, government welfare programs numbered 239. last year they were up to 300 99. and now, just these several months later, there are more than 450 and there is no end in sight. once started, this government program is the nearest thing to eternal life we will see on this earth. this decadef government spending will have more than doubled and every fiscal expert in the country frankly predicts that government spending will double again in the decade of the 70's. the terrifying thing for us is -- can we stand all the government that $300 billion per year will buy? at the same time there are retirement pensions, government subsidies and other items totaling over 1000 billion dollars. these have already been ordained
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into law. debt over and above the $300 billion national debt. is adopted on the thin end of the wedge with the unspoken knowledge that the cost will go up. we have added $50 billion to the deficit since 1960 and we have drained of gold until we fear for the solvency of our currency. but even the coins in our pockets no longer have silver. if there was a streetcar going past the house, we would get a penny and take a track in in the car went by you would have a shiny piece of copper. federalfederal debt -- government is doing it and selling it for a quarter. [applause] february of 1964, the president said that if you weaken the dollar you weaken the whole free world's monetary system.
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we will defend it. since he started defending it, the dollar has lost seven more sense in purchasing power. economic doctrine has shaped political objectives. our abilities. we are not more prosperous, we are just handling more money. do you really realize what inflation does every time they have a deficit? insteadhad been attacks of a deficit so that you could see it, in the state of iowa we have seen a 6% increase in sales tax. that's what you lost last year. is $20 federal deficit million. if you want to spend more than you earn, you use credit. there are many situations where this is justified. emergency cases where you have to use credit to reestablish our former healthy state. likewise, we provide for an
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education, starting a new business, things that are based on the sound hope that future income will be higher and justified. credit just to live it up and enjoy a better life than you can afford. the rules are the same for the nation as they are for us as individuals. [applause] when the country does this, inflation is the inevitable result. the money supplied due to borrowing is out of kilter with the borrowed goods. the first symptoms that we should look for are familiar to us. the boom. than a production increase. unemployment falls. a slight increase in christ's -- prices. some of thedismiss things going on. and then people begin to find
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that their salaries, they are discontented with them. unwilling,ers, if will not raise prices or reduce the quality of their product. then come the strikes, even racial problems. inflation does not have all of us equally and at the same time. the poor are hit first and hit hardest by the school tax. we continue on. inflation is like radioactivity. loathing for the underpaid, regular worker. read your help wanted ads. see the jobs going begging today at the same time we have poverty programs to cure unemployment. crack sapir in the moral structure. giftsyoff, payola, and become common practice at high places in government. the wounds of the nation will heal. the nightclubs are full. the dance grows more heady.
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who is served by inflation? not the parliamentarian. not democracy. the winner's dictatorship. it was so in the time of the french revolution and in the rise of hitler. now we are told that we must have a 10% surtax. that unless the government keeps us from spending that money it will fuel the fires of inflation. gapnow the credibility becomes a morality gap because the government intends to spend that money and the government's claim is that they will spend it more wisely than we earned it will spend it. spend it more wisely like that university at $59,000 to teach mothers how to play with their babies. or $3 million to build a private east that hasdle not poured out any call yet. individuals received $1 million each last year for not
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planting crops. how much spending allowance does a teenager get these days? -- thesech do you days? the press reports of the poverty program will provide $50 per month pocket money so that poor boys can live "like their peers." there will be no strings attached. take heart. we have reduced our stockpile of feathers. you and i have been told that the problems are too complex for simple answers. of chosengovernment elite in the nation's capital. not understand it, just obey. have a free enterprise system within the framework of government planning. the laws of supply and demand have given way to the planned economy. is they cannot deliver the bacon, they will not time.r eggs at the same
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government is a mystery and they keep it that way. the government even has its own language that is comprehensible to simple citizens like ourselves. what is a county commissioner? what does a governor do when he receives a report from the department of housing and urban that reads -- action oriented orientation of input generated by escalation of meaningful indigenous decision-making dialogue focused nonviable urban infrastructure? [laughter] i think that what that means is that if you want urban renewal to succeed, you had better have a change in management in washington. [applause] daniel webster said that government always justifies its use of patient power on the plea of good intentions. that intention is to better serve the people's welfare.
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he warned that in every generation there are those who want to rule well, but they want to rule. be good masters, but they need to be masters. government needs to grow, but there is only so much that can be done for the people. if only he had a little bit more authority and money. there is a solicitude for welfare that is touching. i came across this the other day. 134 pages of profundities, how do you wonder how we got along without it? for example, this had to do with recreation. if you have a campsite that has a drinking fountain, the drinking level should be at a height convenient for the person using the fountain.
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there is an exciting chapter on wildlife. insects crawling to the years about oarsmen sometimes create painful conditions. [laughter] it's no fun if it happens indoors. that is not all i have to say. your bathhouse is used by men and women should be divided into two parts by a partition. you know that we never would have thought of that one by ourselves. [applause] i have an protesting the growth of government for years. concern such as to become manageable by the people. now i am a part of government.
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a funny thing happened to me on the way to the valley. but i am just as frightened and concerned about the government as i have always been. now i have felt it firsthand, the savage anger of some who resist any effort to dilute the power of government or reduce the vaught -- the structure. but i have also learned that it can be reduced. last january i took over government machinery that have been run for eight years by those who would be little brother to big brother in washington. for eight years in washington sneezed, the goods and tight -- goods and tight -- gesundheit was heard in sacramento. [laughter] the governor has the right to veto those poverty programs. i did not know that you were not supposed to be expected to do it . so i did it. one of the programs i vetoed their to be nothing more than a
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training course in picketing and demonstrating. nothing we don't have a shortage of and california. demonstrators. [laughter] [applause] ifn't askthere, i i'm being picketed, i just ask which ones. a program on the surface sounded like it was right on my alley. a program that was going to put the hard-core unemployed who run welfare to work, cleaning up our open, parklike spaces in california. i had no quarrel with that until we looked closer at the program and then we discovered that there were 17 of the hard-core unemployed it would be helped and more than half of the appropriation would go to administrators to take care of the 17. the the people got over
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idea, it was spending over and above state revenues from what it was taking in. our system of government was meant to be run by the people, with common sense thinking brought to bear on the problems of government. we had quite a tourist trade from washington during that campaign. all of it talked about my lack of experience. that was particularly true of one young senator from massachusetts. he expressed great concern over the fact i have not held public , he had held public office before he became a senator, never held a job. [applause]
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normal, everyday business practices were unknown. it was all orderly planned, buying state automobiles, for example. department has went out on our own buying retail. buying riviera's pontiacs of bucket seats. so early in january that we put a freeze on ordering of new cars with anguished screams heard that would curdle your blood. in three months for the first time in history of the automobile in california it was announced that there was a surplus of cars in the motor pool over and above demand for employees. had reduced the purchasing of state gasoline by 15% per month. put as partly because we
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freeze on out-of-state travel for state employees. in 10 months we reduced the budget for that by 78%. we sent one and told him to take notes for the other three. we do not think this was for those who retired we left public service, didn't hire replacements. nine months later we have not only stop that annual increase, but as of tonight there are 2.5% fewer employees than there were
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last january when we took office. [applause] by putting common sense business we haves and to affect reduced by millions of dollars already the cost of supplies. for the california highway patrol the bill is $141,000 less than it was last year just by changing the method of buying. we found that state licenses expired in a number of occupations on a given date. this meant in the agency bureau handling of this, there was a feast or famine kind of workload. half of the office space would stand idle and there would be a big rush of temporary employees to meet this change. we are staggering the licenses so that we can have an even workload throughout the year.
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it seemed strange, there were 200,000 employees and the state had never done this. they would not lease space or without looking at how much was required for the work they were doing. well, we are doing that now. they have been able to cancel the construction of a building that was scheduled, we are just squeezing the people closer together. we have a 14 story building already constructed by the interior. by applying the same standards used in private enterprise for this building we will put 1151 employees in it than were originally planned. the 9 million square feet of office space used by the end of the year will be -- reduced to 7000 square feet.
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i went into the office and it was a stack of stationary this high with another fellow's name on it. another man came out to burn it and i said -- wait a minute, i have got some stationary with my name on it too. there must be a lot of correspondence within the state .nd correspondence of use you know i get a certain amount of pleasure out of that. [laughter] we have an annual phone bill in state government of $16.5 million. no one ever thought as a businessman or as a private citizen in his home and at the phone company had departments that you could call on and they will tell you what they will use the phones for and they will tell you that the most efficient system that you have is and they
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just informed us in writing that our bills will be reduced by $2 million per year. we turned to the people. we turned to the people by importing committees. a committee that is north and south in california, as we are a stretched out state with a mason-dixon line there. these were the leading citizens, the most successful we could find. we organize them in committees to go out recruiting personnel. obviously government cannot compete with private's -- private business or talent on the open market, but government can if it puts it on the basis of an obligation for citizen is his time to his state and country. so, they were not a screening committee to screen the applicants for jobs. i went out and business people and individuals.
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they got companies to spring the talented personnel. positioned in our state government we have personnel like no other in the past, those jobs.d great we will have to call for some more. people will accept this as an obligation, as was on stability. the most exciting thing we did intoo get leading citizens her room. they serve them lunch and then we bled that. top industrialists professional people in our state. they range from everything from data processing to the best hotel and restaurant in our eight. what we thought; i feel they will volunteer not just to serve on committees, they would volunteer to you about four months the six months full-time
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aty from the homes of this their own expense raise raised $250,000 to pay the administrative overhead. volunteered to a man forming cells into taskforces based on those specialties and for six months now they have been going in every department of hours they, coming back. we are now correlating their reports, telling us how modern business practices can be put to work to make government more efficient and economical. [applause] they could have done this at any time. they knew that this time there was a government that would not take their reports and just put them on a shelf and file them away. that they would implement the reports and put them into practice. no government could possibly higher or afford the manpower.
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all we had to do was tell them they were needed. for three decades we have seen governmental jurisdiction over the power of human misery and disease. we have always been told that there is some great emergency that has forced the government to take this action out of our hands. -- when can you remember a time to where there crisis?mmediate they offered us an instant tomorrow to get now it is tomorrow. as each plan fails, they are ready with new ones. it is just more of the same thing that failed the first time they tried it. layer after layer .
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we are still electing for responsibility. they will have to help themselves. that is all that you want. get a helping hand when they needed until they can get accurate. went whatsomething were to have been temporary remedies for a temporary problem become a current -- permanent way of life for an ever increasing number of people. some welfare recipients today are the third generation of the family to live on public. the government cannot explain the why of this. this time, does the
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government often the more you poverty for millions of our own? it's time to face the fact that welfare as we know it in america is a colossal is almost beat failure. [applause] it is a hopeless end to the road instead of a helping hand up to a life of self respective independence. i can just hear the voices now saying -- those republicans, there they go, putting dollars above human rights. let's answer them. we will spend whatever is ,ecessary to save human beings but we will have to stop destroying them at any price. [applause]
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man is a creature of the spirit. years in this country we have filed the greatest war on poverty that this country has ever seen. this is no time to abandon this free system with great potential. to unshackle the genius and ability of our people and turn to them for the answers. such a staggering job, would it sound that for those involved?
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there are less than two of those families for each church in the united states. i'm not suggesting that religion take on this chore, i just want to put the problem in perspective. it does not seem so gigantic to warrant. the driver of one of the city garbage trucks was earning $150 per week when he was addicted because the landlord wanted to make another use of the building. the case.ok this was not a man on welfare. this was a man on a city salary. several months later they discovered that welfare put the family up at a hotel. can anyone believe that in the city of 200,000 people that if a broadcast appeal is made to that city saying that if that man in the family could not find a place to live that they would
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not have found the choice? let's stop being a brother's keeper and let him the our brother and let him keep himself. [applause] let all of us read the message of last november 8 three well. there is a wind of change brought -- blowing across the land. millions of americans, democrats, independents, republicans, joining hands they voted against what's been going on. deeperted against going and deeper into debt as a nation. voting against the idea that as a nation we can afford everything and everything simply because we think of it. the working men and women of this nation voted against taxing themselves to provide medical care in this and are living for others that was often more than
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they could afford for their own families. they voted against the idea of the government must always grow larger and more costly and powerful. continuing aninst easy atmosphere of peace and prosperity plus some young americans are dying in defense of freedom. we have are each a turning point in time. destiny, the destiny of our party to raise the banner for all the people. the people of all the parties that follow. the choose the colors well. tople are not in the mood follow the sickly pastel of expediency. the cynical shades of those who would buy the people's votes with the people's money. thousands upon thousands of americans, those forgotten men and women who work and some or their communities and pay for all the social experimenting by grubbing for answers to their doubts. they are seeking a cause in which they can invest and are too self-reliant to sell the things of the future for the doll security.
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they believe in this nation as a nation under god. that our national purpose is to provide the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order. they believe that their freedom is theirs by divine right and not by the whim of government. they love peace. but not at any price. they believe that their sons should be allowed. [applause] i know that politics as usual would indicate that are policies should take positions, try to be all things to all people, but that wenship demands face the people's wisdom.
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[applause] republicans, ours is an awesome responsibility. all the we believe limitation to the power of government rests with us. we have it within our power the ability to broaden the base of our party. one year ago this picture was hopeless. one party rule this nation and one man will that party. the two-party system was alive only in memory or theory. out of despair we came together in a unity we have never known before in our party. let history record that on november the last we restored the two-party system. if you believe in the cause is -- [applause] if you believe in the causes of the freedom that we discussed tonight, when you go forth from this place, go determine that no remembrance as a result of
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organizational strife, no remembered grudge from some intraparty conflict will keep you from supporting the cause that has brought us together. millions of americans in a crosses racial, ethnic, and religious lines, party lines, millions of americans are watching. americans, ourng sons and daughters, are waiting to see if once again we have let ourselves be divided by the shadings of liberal or moderate to conservative, applied before we use the word republican. waiting to see if we place more importance on the shadings than on the challenges that confront us. with youthful wisdom they know the price we will pay if we fail to meet the challenge. the state that we play for is the future in which they must live. the young people who are here tonight, few of us back through the years and -- in republican
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circles can remember when there was so much interest in our party by young people. that was not are part of the image. that interest is because this generation, these young people have been indoctrinated. they have been hammered throughout their lifetime with the idea of the all important security. imposedl of mediocrity from on top and government. they are told it we should check for what is secure. go check how high you can rise. check when the retirement system against the payoff. yet the evidence is here with young people coming tonight, expressing their will that in spite of this indoctrination they have had the wisdom and intelligence to see that they want to society where they can fly as high as their own spectrum can take them without being penalized because of their willingness to do it themselves. [laughter] [applause] -- themselves. [applause]
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if i could be so presumptuous as to say what i think perhaps they are trying to tell us, they are reminding us that for one shining moment in history, we in this country, with the light and hope of the world, it is within our power to be so what's again and they will have to live, and mankind will have to live for 1000 years with the decisions that you and i make in the months ahead. thank you. [applause]
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>> with the 2016 presidential americann full swing, history tv will look back to past presidential elections and bring you archival coverage of candidates on the campaign trail. starting november 8, join us for "road to the white house rewind ." continuing through next year's election here on american history tv, on c-span3. [applause] >> i stay in the wings and don't come out too often. this is quite unusual for me. but i want to thank all of you for your friendship and loyal support. for planning this wonderful evening for me. i shall remember it always. thanks to the young people. >> pat nixon was the first republican first lady to address a national convention.
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she traveled more widely than any first lady before her, made volunteers on her issues, chief supporter to her husband, behind the scenes political adviser. pat nixon, tonight on 8 p.m. eastern on the original c-span series, "first ladies: influence and image." examining the private lives of the first ladies, from martha washington to michelle obama. tonight, on monday on "the communicators," cyber security and data breach legislation. she is joined by john mckinnon, technology reporter for the wall street journal. >> as individuals become subjected to these breaches, and many people have, they have come to realize that it is not if you
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have your data breached, it is when is your date of going to be breached. having a federal standard and exercising some prediction, starting a period of time, a framework of time, that companies have to conduct that information, then to inform consumers and set penalties for enforcement, those are appropriate steps that should be taken, and they are the steps that are covered in the data security legislation that we have worked on and energy and commerce committee. >> monday night at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators" on c-span2. >> coming up next on american history tv, greg barnhisel, author of "cold war modernists: art, literature, and american cultural diplomacy."


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